know in detail about NASA’s Program ” artemis nasa Mission”

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artemis nasa mission 

artemis nasa mission Mission One Of Greatest Mission Of Nasa Here you will know Most of information About Artemis Nasa Mission

Setting human colonies on different planets , and their moons is no longer limited to science fiction

Through NASA’s mission, the era is about to begin when we humans will really do deep space travel and colonise many planets and satellites like Mars and Moon in the future.

 Today we will know what the Artemis mission is and how it will help us to colonise the moon and Mars.

Journey Of Artemis Mission

Let’s start from 1968 to 1972, NASA carried out a total of 9 missions to land humans on the moon, out of which 6 were successful.

Because of these experience and experiment , 12 people, including astronaut Neil Armstrong, stepped on the surface of moon,

although since then no country has sent any humans to the moon, but everything is going to change soon with the mission of NASA.

artemis nasa
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artemis program

 So let’s know what the Artemis mission is after all, a program led by NASA, whose purpose is to take humans back to the moon once again and this time in such a way that astronauts can go there regularly without any trouble. For that a small space station which Name is Gateway will be built in Lunar Orbit.

 Which will keep circling the moon, with the help of which it will be easy for the astronauts to land on the surface of the moon, come back from there and stop in the lunar orbit and carry out other research, as well as this space station will allow us to go beyond Mars in the future. Apart from this, there is also a plan to build an Artemis base on the moon in the future.

How will all this happen? Let us know that in our very first mission, we cannot try to land the astronaut on the surface of the moon because there is a lot of risk in it.

 artemis rocket

Before trying to land them on the surface of the moon,

it is necessary for us to determine which rocket components or technology we will use

we are going to use to land on the surface of the moon and then bring them back to earth 

For whether they will work properly at that time or not,

we carry out some unmanned missions before the mend mission, in which the same rocket and technology are used.

Only after we are absolutely sure that our rockets and technology are capable of successfully landing astronauts on the lunar surface and returning them to Earth, do we send our astronauts to the moon today.

artemis nasa Mission
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Moon Landing After 50 Years

After 50 years, preparing to go to the moon once again and under Artemis mission 1,

this mission of NASA will be the first woman to go on a trip to the moon.

Yes, be ready to see that unique moment when there is one thing on the moon

Man will take steps because NASA has tightened its waist

US space agency NASA is preparing to launch a new rocket to go to the moon,

no humans will be sent in this rocket yet, but if the mission is successful,

then the way can be opened to send astronauts to the moon. This new NASA rocket, carefully, is entering the first stage of a long journey

What Is artemis 1

 Name of NASA’s 2022 mission to the Moon is Artemis 1 and all components of this mission approved for roll out at the launch pad at Kennedy Space Centre

as the first rocket to send NASA and the Orion spacecraft to the moon. The rocket is ready to launch it will launch the Space Launch System

Under this mission, NASA will send two people to the Moon for a long time and

will test the hardware here so that NASA can land the first woman and black person on the Moon by 2025.

 This mission has started to make a human presence on the Moon,

which will be completed in three phases.

For this, crawler transport 2 was used, this crawler can lift weight up to 81 lakh 65 thousand kg.

 According to technical experts, the crawler will Launch Complex 39b

it will carry it at a speed of 1 mph, during which the operations team will continue to run the simulation,

the Space Launch System is a specially designed rocket of NASA.

artemis moon mission

It is specially designed for manned missions to be pulled out of Earth’s orbit,

it can deliver heavy goods including astronauts and their cargo into space.

Taking position, this rocket will also carry a capsule with it,

which will go to the moon’s orbit,

ready for its first flight to the moon and will orbit the moon before returning to earth.

This is a test flight so there will be no humans inside it but If successful,

The astronauts will go in the next phase Jessica Meyer has gone to space before because

she is part of the NASA team.

And she can also be selected for future travel, because NASA wish to see the first woman

and a non-white person walking on the surface of the moon Jessica said it is hard for them to believe

that it could be true, possibly me too I can be one of these

people who can walk on the moon,

who can go round the moon’s orbit and see the earth from there,

it’s all like a dream

Charlie who is one of the 12 astronauts

who experienced this during the Apollo mission,

50 years ago, when he stepped on the surface of the moon,

he did not think that it would take so long to do this test flight again

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